Salary Trends for 2018

Nov 20, 2017

With a booming stock market, what should workers expect for raises in 2018? It might be a little surprising to hear but not much more than what they have received over the last seven years. According to the Hay Group that surveyed 450 U.S. companies, employees can expect a 3% median base salary increase in 2018.

Need Help But No Budget For New Hires?

Nov 20, 2017

Hitting Q4 means the end of the year is quickly approaching and usually the end of your department's budget. If making a hire is out of the question for several months or if you need to gain efficiency by adding staff for only a few months, a professional contractor may be your best route. When working with a

Trispyrian Resources Featured in Article

Oct 11, 2017

Janet Martin, Vice President of Trispyrian Resources, recently discussed with Dice Insights how to reach hiring managers using social media. She explained the key to constructing your message is to be short, sincere, and include a request or call to action. Read the full article for more tips on connecting w

4 Considerations If You Are Entering the Job Market

Nov 20, 2017

Job Market - Considerations As the U.S. job market gets stronger, potential job seekers are finally ready to make a move. Before you hit the job market there are several things to consider: Best timing - For the majority of industries September-October and January-February are the best times to look for

2017 Job Market Update

Jul 17, 2017

The year started with positive indicators for employment and predictions of a job seekers’ market and higher salaries. Six months into the year, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) report dated July 7, 2017 showed an average growth rate of 194,000 jobs per month for the three previous months, “up/down x%,”

On Demand Environmental Becomes Trispyrian Resources to Reflect Broader Technical Capabilities

Oct 05, 2016

On Demand Environmental is embarking on a new era, announcing today that it is changing its company name to Trispyrian Resources. The new name reflects the expansion for our services to broader technical search capabilities to include environmental, health

Offer Blocker: What's In It for Me?

Feb 02, 2016

Congratulations You’ve got the interview. Your resume has been reviewed, and you are technically pre qualified for the job. Your education, skillset, industry experience, achievements, tenure, and career progression place you as a viable candidate.

Current Industry Hiring Trend: Behavioral Interviewing

Sep 27, 2016

What is behavioral interviewing? Behavioral interviewing is a screening process in which candidates are asked questions that elicit specific responses on past behavior. Many employers believe that candidates’ past actions are a good indicator of future performance.

7 Attributes Fortune 500 Industry Employers Want in New EHS Hires

May 04, 2015

On Demand partners with many Fortune 500 companies to find top-notch EH&S talent. Over the past 10 years, our recruiters have identified the 7 most wanted attributes by industry hiring managers. How many of these ideal qualities have you attained? If the list is short—don’t worry—it is never too late to start working towards achieving these attributes to become the most marketable candidate for future advancement. Technical Degrees Hiring companies require technical degrees for...

On Demand Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

May 04, 2015

On Demand Environmental is celebrating a decade of successfully matching high quality EH&S professionals with excellent career advancement opportunities at top-notch organizations. Established in 2004, Trinity Consultants formed On Demand in response to client needs for long-term, on-site environmental assistance. It has since grown into a full service staffing company serving the environmental, health, safety, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) fields. Our understanding of the...

Job Seekers Infographic July 2012

Sep 27, 2016


How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

May 22, 2012

Yes, social media can help in your job search. Consider these seven steps to get you started. 1. Google yourself A Careerbuilder study found that 37% of employers are using social media to scope out candidates and an additional 11%

Social Media Etiquette and Introductions

Nov 17, 2011

Social media is basically a virtual cocktail party where real world etiquette rules still apply.  In order to optimize your efforts and avoid offending others, here are some basic etiquette rules to follow Introduce yourself to a stranger on LinkedIn

How to Use Social Media for Career Networking

Sep 22, 2011

How to Use Social Media for Career Networking Many people have profiles on popular social media sites, but are you effectively using social media to develop your network? Networking is about establishing relationships and exchanging information that can mutually benefit

If You Are Not Using Social Media, This Is Why You Should

Sep 22, 2011

How connected are you? Do you have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account? About 90% of job seekers have LinkedIn profiles but social media is more than just having a profile. It’s about engaging with others and participating in online